The Bio Humus Farm "BIOTOR RUSE" Ltd. is located in the village of Nikolovo, Ruse Region. The eco-farm offers refined and unrefined bio-fertilizer from California red worms.  

The farm operates its own production equipment and provides transport to any point in Bulgaria.

Bio humus is fully organic live fertilizer obtained in the process of raising California red worms. It does not contain harmful substances, pathogenic organisms or weed seeds. It is rich in beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and is applicable in all areas of plant growing – for soil fertilization, production of seedlings, before and during sowing, for re-cultivation of land.
Bio humus increases yields by 30 to 70% depending on the grown crops, and its effect is intensified in proportion to the duration of its application.

Use bio fertilizer when you wish to improve the quality of your products – it will increase the vitamin content in fruits and vegetables by up to 45% and will reduce nitrate content up to 55 times.