• It improves and boosts the functioning of soil as an independent and self-renewing live bio system
  • It makes soil structure more friable rendering cultivation easier and preventing the soil from cracking heavily during draught
  • It increases soil fertility – optimizes the quantity of retained moisture, heat and air and minimizes wind- and water-triggered erosion
  • Nutrients are released slowly - they remain in the soil for up to 5 years and there is no risk of over-fertilization
  • It improves the capacity of plants to absorb nutrients
  • Yield is increased by 30 to 70% depending on the type of crop. The effect intensifies over the years with the accumulation of bio humus in the soil.
  • It accelerates the growth of plants and their ripening up to 2 weeks earlier compared with plants not treated with bio humus
  • Product quality is enhanced - the vitamin content in fruits and vegetables is increased by up to 45% and nitrate content is reduced up to 55 times.